Core HR
The innovative design and flexibility enables organizations to easily and effectively manage the entire workforce including organization hierarchy, position management, employee management, time-related processing, absence management, payroll, and comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Supports complicated work shifts with a highly configurable and integrated solution.

Supports leave entitlement setup as well as calculation of vacation forwarding or buy-back.

Manages multinational payroll with regulatory compliances and multiple currencies.

Supports better decision making with flexible and customizable reporting and analysis.

Tracks employee behavior and disciplinary incidents for enabling either promotion, transfer or termination.

Provides a comprehensive view of employees through their entire lifecycle. With the ability to customize all forms and fields, organizations are able to maintain any desired employee information.

Captures resignation or termination details for analysis in the future.

Increases effectiveness of workforce-related processes by using a powerful task scheduling function.

Supports mid-period proration, pay increases, hires and terminations.

Reduces gross payroll costs by automating time-related and complex pay rate calculations while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Centralizes storage of all employee-related information in a secure environment.


Online Self-Service
eUnite's intuitive self-service enables organizations to eliminate inefficient, error-prone, time consuming paper-based processes for managing employee requests. With online self-service, organizations can have speedy decision making and enhanced employee satisfaction as well as improved employee retention.

Offers employees a transparent, up-to-date view of their profile within the company(i.e., personal information, employment details, work calendar, competency expectations and reporting structure).

Supports configurable approval flows with delegation capabilities to easily manage HR transactions (i.e., management of performance, learning and recruitment, review requests for additional manpower, leave, overtime, travel expenses, entitlement claims, shift/holiday changes, and personal info updates).

Allows managers to view requests submitted for review and access their team members’ information such as employee profile, time and attendance records, etc.

Creates job satisfaction among employees by having a custom greeting message for selected staff and providing instant access to their benefits, announcements and company policies.

Reduces the time required to support administrative activities resulting in increased resources to focus on more strategic functions.


Organization Management
Demonstrates potential changes and required resources through meticulous planning and control of the workplace giving a sense of security and identity to employees. eUnite Organization Management provides a set of powerful tools for leaders to steadily view and manage the organization to achieve predefined goals.

Enables organizations to manage multiple salary structures to ensure that employee pay levels are competitive externally and equitable internally.

Supports manpower planning and budgeting analysis.

Allows management to view drafted organization charts before final approval.

Supports historic viewing of organization charts as per the desired effective dates.



With increasing competition, hiring skilled workers has become more competitive than ever. To engage the right talent, eUnite has developed a collaborative, online system that enables organizations to streamline the recruiting process. Recruitment has been simplified for every round of interviews.

Allows users to create requisitions online.

Gain visibility in tracking the recruitment process and measuring recruitment effectiveness.

Facilitates communication between recruiters and managers.

Provides recruiters with the tools to search for matched applicants based on job requirements.

Leverages integration to facilitate job posting to corporate websites.

Allows applicants to create, review, and update their resumes.

Allows hiring managers to schedule interviews, email participants, and review the details through their calendars.


Benefit Management
An organization's benefits package is a strategic tool to attract, motivate and retain employees. eUnite Benefit Management enables organizations to manage and adjust incentives to meet their business objectives.

Supports automatic processing into the payroll module.

Maintains health records of employees for further analysis.

Establish multiple benefit programs for various groups of employees.

Administers claim and travel expenses based on employee eligibility.



Performance Management
Organizations are increasingly focused on the use of effective management practices to help them resolve business challenges in order to gain a competitive advantage. eUnite Performance Management is comprised of general evaluation forms as well as goal (KPI) management, which help drive organizational performance to the next level while reducing operating costs.

Aligns individual goals with corporate objectives.

Supports grading calculation of multiple indicators by both percentage range and bell curve method.

Supports pay increment calculation based on predefined formulas and provides other useful information such as budget and compra ratios of market pay rates.

Supports bonus calculation based on predefined formulas.

Allows users to create online evaluation forms.

Automates workflow and approval routing of pay increment and bonus documents. This data is then automatically linked to the payroll module once approved.


Career Management
Talent management strategy is essential and can facilitate organizational growth by attracting, retaining and engaging the right people. eUnite Career Management manages career paths, talent pools, successors and competency gaps to align strategic business initiatives to achieve desired goals.

Supports advanced searching of employees that are matched to job-specific attributes and lets you directly compare their profiles.

Tracks the achievements and proficiencies of a company’s talent pool.

Assesses organization’s overall position on competency gaps in order to identify the developmental needs as specified in the Learning Management module.

Allows users to create career paths and identify internal candidates for succession into key positions.



Learning Management
Employees are an organizations most important asset so effective development is vital in order to keep up with the fast paced corporate world. eUnite Learning Management is designed to improve workforce competency through both traditional classroom activities and online self-learning.

Aligns learning with organizational goals.

Streamlines and automates the learning process.

Reduces the cost of delivering and tracking learning through the embedded administration system.

Improves business and workforce performance through intelligent learning strategies such as individual development plans.

Helps your organization achieve timely learning and career development plans through integration with eUnite Career Management.

Leverages eUnite Performance Management to connect learning with online evaluations, pre-tests and post-tests.
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