To keep pace with the changes and complexities of today’s Human Capital challenges, you need a partner that is uniquely equipped to provide human capital solutions that evolve at the speed of business trends. As a market leader in human capital solutions, with 100% focus on human capital solutions and sales through partners, eUnite is committed to work with you, enabling your customers to operate in an optimized human capital environment.

The eUnite Channel Partner Program offers a robust set of business resources and program benefits to improve the success and cost-effectiveness for organizations to market, sell, and implement eUnite solutions.

eUnite is a channel-driven company, and for more than 10 years we have delivered partner programs that lead the human capital industry. We provide the best partnering opportunity for a broad range of Solution Provider business models. Membership offers Solution Providers with system consultation, training, and solutions support from eUnite’s team.


Your Opportunity

eUnite enables you to deliver intelligent human capital solutions based on the integrated architecture, which allows organization of all sizes to improve on human capital management, cost savings and complexity, ensuring that human capital systems is easily adapted to new and evolving business environment. Partnering with eUnite gives you the opportunity to provide the well-proven, intelligent, and innovative human capital systems are easily adapted to new and evolving business environments.

eUnite Partner Program

The eUnite Partner Program provides a global framework that enables you to:



Your Business

Selling market-leading
eUnite network and human



  Your Profitability

As you advance program levels,
through margins and sales



Market Awareness

With the eUnite Co-op Marketing
Program, one the most generous
programs in the industry.



eUnite Partner Resources

A set of comprehensive sales,
marketing, training tools.

eUnite Partner Program
The eUnite Partner Program is designed to recognize investment in skilled sales and technical resources and create new revenue opportunities for partners. As an eUnite partner, you can provide an unparalleled human capital solutions offering great values for your customers.

The program is designed to help partners achieve growth, add real value, and reward partners with increased commitment and investment.

Key Program Benefits

Employee Self Service

Quality human capital solutions that enable you to provide the right human capital solutions for every market segment and any business entity

Employee Self Service

Designated as eUnite certified solution partner, includes listing in the eUnite Partner Locator and Lead Sharing

Employee Self Service

System consultation and online sales training

Employee Self Service

Co-op funds: a great resource for demand generation programs

Employee Self Service

Regular sales, technical, and marketing updates

Employee Self Service

Marketing and sales tools, including product and sales presentations, competitive information, selling guides, and more

Employee Self Service

Pre-sales support and technical support available 24/7

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