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@Core is a cloud-based human resources software that integrates HR modules to create a complete HCM system.

Key HR Modules

Enable organizations to easily and effectively manage the entire workforce including employee management, time and attendance management, payroll, and comprehensive reporting and analysis.


Increases effectiveness of workforce-related processes by using a powerful time scheduling function.

Track employee behavior for enabling either promotion, transfer or termination.

Support complicated work shifts with a highly configurable and integrated solution.


Manage multinational payroll with regulatory compliances and multiple currencies.

Support mid-period proration, pay increases, hires and terminations.

Reduce gross payroll costs by automating time-related and complex pay rate calculations.


Provide a comprehensive view of employees through their entire lifecycle.

Support better decision making with customizable forms and reports.


Eliminate inefficient and time consuming paper-based processes for managing employee requests. With online self-service, organizations can have speedy decision making and enhanced employee satisfaction.


Offer employees an up-to-date view of their profiles within the company; for example, personal information, work calendar, benefits, payslip, etc.

Support configurable approval flows with delegation capabilities for each of document types.

Allow managers to view requests submitted by subordinates and access their team members’ information such as employee profile, time attendance records, etc.

Reduce the time required to support administrative activities resulting in increased resources to focus on more strategic functions.

Additional Modules

Organization Management

Support manpower planning analysis.

Allow management to view drafted organization charts before final approval.

Support historic viewing of organization charts as per the desired effective dates.


Support automatic processing into the payroll module.

Maintain health records of employees for further analysis.

Establish multiple benefit programs for various groups of employees.

Administers claim and travel expenses based on employee eligibility.


Allow users to create requisitions online.

Gain visibility in tracking the recruitment process.

Facilitate communication between recruiters and managers.

Provide recruiters with the tools to search for matched applicants.

Integrate job posting to corporate websites.

Allow applicants to create and update their resumes.

Schedule interviews and send email to participants.


Align individual goals with corporate objectives.

Support grading calculation of multiple indicators.

Allow users to create online evaluation forms.

Support pay increment and bonus calculation based on predefined formulas.

Automate workflow and approval routing of pay increment and bonus documents. This data is then automatically linked to the payroll module once approved.


Support search of employees that are matched to job-specific attributes and compare their profiles.

Track the achievements and proficiencies of a company’s talent pool.

Assess organization’s overall position on competency gaps in order to identify the developmental needs.

Create career paths and identify internal candidates for succession into key positions.


Align learning with organizational goals.

Streamline and automate the learning process.

Reduce the cost of delivering and tracking learning through the embedded administration system.

Improve business and workforce performance through learning strategies such as individual development plans.

Achieve timely learning and career development plans through integration with eUnite Career Management.

Connect learning with online evaluations, pre-tests and post-tests.

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