Appearance and Interface

@Work comes with themes for you to choose to fit your preference best. Interface language can be changed to accommodate your preferred interface language needs.

Account & Privacy

In account and privacy, you can manage your block and hidden lists that you made from Chat and Feed. You can also set your visibility for your privacy by allowing people to find you by searching your name or email address.

Your data stored on @Work platform can be deleted or exported here for GDPR compliance. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it in this section.


Notifications for each type of activity can be turned on and off to let you focus on your most important information. Your chat and feed notification can be managed by each type of event.

Intelligent multi-device notification can be enabled to temporarily mute notifications on your mobile devices while you are using @Work on your desktop devices. The notification will be resumed on your mobile devices when you are away from your desktop devices for more than 2 minutes.


From time to time your @Work administrators would need to release agreements and request for your acceptance. The new agreements will be presented to you instantly when they are released.

You can revisit your previously agreed and declined agreements in the Agreement section.


@Work’s terms and conditions and privacy policy are available here for you to review. Any new versions of the terms and conditions and privacy policy will be kept here for your future review as well.