Enterprise-level security
At eUnite, your data security is our main priority. We have delicately designed the eUnite @Core security system to be safe and secure from any possible vulnerabilities and threats to ensure that your data will be safe and our service will be available and reliable whenever you need to access and process your data.
Organizational security
The heart of any security starts from the people. All of our employees are aware of the importance of security, privacy, and compliance through our training programs to ensure that the core of the security is strengthened right from the start.
You are the data controller
You are the data controller and we process the data as your request as in the scope of our data processor role. As the data processor, we strictly only process your data as per your request and promptly inform you of the result of such data processing activity.
Data encryption
eUnite @Core encrypts customer monetary data, including your employee income and deduction related data before they are stored in the secure database and storage to prevent any unauthorized access to such confidential data.

Transport Layer Security or TLS is always used to transfer any data from eUnite @Core services to user endpoints and vice versa over the internet to protect your data during the transmission.
Infrastructure security
eUnite @Core runs on world class data centers that offer and guarantee system security, reliability, confidentiality and availability. Disaster recovery sites are distributed across different physical security zones. All of our data centers are fully compliant with top security standards.
Vulnerability assessments
As an ISO27001-certified company, we regularly conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration-test to constantly assess, harden and improve the security level of our network, infrastructure, and application systems.
Compliance certifications and attestations
PCI DSS Reports on
Compliance (ROCS)
ISO 27001 Certified
EU General Data Protection Regulation
eUnite @Work is committed to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has been constantly updated its processes and features to comply with any changes made to the GDPR.
Data residency / Location of data
eUnite @Work servers are located in two regions, North America and Asia, chosen by the location of your organization to deliver the best performance and experience.
Data encryption
We always prioritize your data security and privacy at their best. Your business data on @Work are always encrypted by end-to-end encryption and business-to-business encryption technologies.

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